Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Everything you need to plan your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ


How can I buy tickets to visit the caves?
You have two options, either buy them online on our website or at our ticket offices. Bookings cannot be made by phone.
We recommend buying tickets on our website, thereby avoiding possible queues at the ticket offices or problems with regard to availability.
Is the price different if I buy online or at the ticket office?
Yes, tickets bought on our website are cheaper than at our ticket offices.
What does the ticket include?
All tours are the same. The tour of the caves also includes a live classical music concert and the option of crossing Lake Martel by boat. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE TICKET..
Is there any kind of discount for residents, large families, etc?
We do not operate with discounts or discount vouchers.
How far in advance can I buy my ticket?
Tickets can be purchased around 30 days in advance.
What is the return and exchange policy?
No changes or refunds are accepted, as specified in the online ticket purchase process.
How should schools and travel agencies go about booking a tour?
You can ask for information and book by e-mail to


How can I buy tickets online?
This is very easy; online tickets for the Drach Caves can only be purchased through our website or by clicking here.

All you need to do is to follow the instructions provided in the ticket sales section.

Once the purchase has been completed, the tickets will be downloaded to your mobile phone and you will also receive them through the personal e-mail address you have given us.
The tickets have not been sent to my e-mail address. What should I do?
First of all, check the Spam folder in your e-mail. If your tickets are not there, you can contact us through the e-mail and we will send you them.
My payments have been refused over and over again. Why am I unable to buy tickets?
This is usually due to an incorrect response from the method the issuer of your credit or debit card uses to authenticate online purchases and to prevent fraud. We have no control over this process.

If you need help in concluding your booking, please contact
Do I need to print out my tickets?
There is no need to print out your tickets. You can show them on your mobile device at the entrance to the caves.
I have bought a ticket on the website. Do I need to go to the ticket office?
No, if you have bought a ticket online you should go directly to the entrance to the caves with your tickets at the time you have booked. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before the time of your tour. There is a 200-m path leading to the entrance to the caves.


How long is the tour?
The tour lasts for around an hour, including the concert, which lasts for around ten minutes.
What is the best time to visit?
The first tour in the morning (10 a.m.) and the last two in the afternoon (4 p.m. and 5 p.m.) are the normally the quietest. Bear in mind that these times vary throughout the year. You can check the visiting hours here.
Are there any guided tours?
No, our tours are not guided. Tours are conducted in groups in accordance with the itinerary defined by our staff. We have some tour brochures you can download from our website or at our facilities with a QR code; you will find them in different languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Polish.
Can I take an individual tour?
No, tours are only conducted in groups at the times published.
What happens if it rains?
Rain does not affect our tours. You will enjoy your visit as normal.
Do I need to wear special footwear to visit?
No, but we recommend you wear comfortable shoes with no heels. The tour consists of a path of around 1,200 m including steps. The ground can be a little slippery in places due to the humidity in the caves.
Can people with reduced mobility or health issues visit the caves?
The route around the caves is around 1,200 metres in length and includes steps. There is a hand rail along the route. Unfortunately, the cave is not wheelchair accessible.. The remainder of the facilities such as the bar and the store are wheelchair accessible. You will also find adapted toilets in the main building, located next to the store. We have parking facilities for people with reduced mobility.

The tour is not recommended for people suffering from coronary disorders or claustrophobia. If you have any kind of health issue, check with your doctor and mention it before entering the caves.
Can I take photos?
Yes, you can take photos and make recordings on the tour, but without using a flash, spotlight, selfie stick or tripod, while striving not to obstruct the passage of other visitors or becoming separated from the group. Taking photos and filming at the concert is strictly prohibited. We ask you to respect the other visitors.
Can I go on the tour with a pram?
No. The steps make it impossible to visit with a pram. You can carry your baby in your arms or in a baby backpack.
What is the temperature inside the caves?
The temperature is pleasant and varies between 17 ºC – 20 ºC throughout the year. There is no need to wear warm clothing.
Are animals allowed in?
No. The only exception is guide dogs for the blind.
Can I take food into the caves?
No food is allowed in the caves, but you may eat and drink in the outside facilities.
Can I swim in the caves?
No, swimming in the caves is forbidden.


Is there a car park?
Yes, we have a large, totally FREE OF CHARGE car park for cars, buses, motorcycles and bicycles. We also have parking spaces for people with reduced mobility.
Are there any lockers?
We do not have any lockers. In the event you have luggage or large packages you are unable to leave in your accommodation or vehicle, please ask our staff for advice.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, you can use your credit card at the main points of our facilities such as the ticket office, bar and store.
I have lost an object on my tour, how do I get it back?

If you have lost an object you can ask at the ticket office or send us an e-mail to