Regulations and recommendations

Everything you need to plan your visit.

Regulations and recommendations

We are pleased to welcome you to the Drach Caves and hope you enjoy the experience.

These rules ensure the safety and well-being of visitors, staff and the facilities:

1. The company reserves the right of admission.

2. The instructions of our staff must be followed at all times. Any inappropriate or antisocial behaviour will result in refusal of entry or the immediate cancellation of the entire visit and/or the remaining facilities.

3. All visitors must show and keep their ticket.

4. For security reasons, bags and backpacks may be searched at the entrance to the cave.

5. Entering the caves with luggage or oversized packages is prohibited. Please check with our staff.

6. Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult. Children are admitted under the strict responsibility of parents or guardians, who are required to ensure children behave in an appropriate and safe manner both inside the caves and in the other areas of the facilities.

7. Dress/Clothing:
7.1. Entering the premises barefoot is prohibited.
7.2. Entering the premises shirtless is prohibited.
7.3. Entering the premises with transparent clothing is prohibited.
7.4. Entering the premises with clothing that could pose a risk of an obstacle during the course of the visit is prohibited.

8. The consumption of food and drink inside the cave is not allowed. Please do not leave rubbish in the caves. Dispose of food and containers in a responsible manner before entering.

9. Smoking is not allowed inside the caves. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping products.

10. Touching or moving the geological formations in the caves is prohibited in order to conserve them.

11. Pets are not allowed (except guide dogs).

12. There are steps on the tour and, unfortunately, the use of prams and wheelchairs in the caves is impossible.

13. You are required to walk at the pace of the group, not to go ahead or lag behind, and to follow the instructions of our staff. Leaving the path or jumping over the railings is strictly prohibited, as is running and obstructing the passage of other visitors.

14. Please behave in a civilised manner and keep your voice down throughout your tour in order to respect other visitors and to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

15. Photographs:
15.1. You can take pictures without a flash and make recordings in domestic format on your tour, however you are not allowed to take pictures or make recordings during the concert; please respect the other visitors.
15.2. The use of a tripods, selfie sticks and similar devices is not allowed.
15.3. You are not allowed to take professional photographic equipment into the caves. Only pre-authorised media personnel may do so.

16. We have surveillance cameras both in and outside the caves for the protection and safety of our visitors, staff and facilities.

17. We may change our provision of services or amend these visiting rules from time to time, and as such we recommend you check out our website for the latest information before visiting.